You may think it sounds a little childish or a little dangerous to have a swing inside,
but it can actually be a stylish and even romantic way to add some extra seating or just some extra character to your place.
We promise it’ll be your favourite feature in the house. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to play on one of these chic swings?
An indoor swing is surprisingly versatile and can look sleek and industrial, or can go full-on bohemian romance.
If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a little extra floor space,
check out our swings and get inspired to have a little fun!

Safe Use of Swings
Swings are designed for adults.
Swings are not recommended for children under 8 years old.
Older children can use the swings under the supervision of adults.
Swings are designed primarily for interiors and dry environments. It is not suited for outdoor use.
Too much sun or humidity can damage the swing over time.

Do not push swing while someone is sitting at. Swings are not intended/designed to work as outdoor playgrounds
equipments such as a swing or a seesaw. Standing or kneeling on Swings is dangerous and can lead to falls and injuries.
Swings must be completely stopped before exiting it. Only one person at a time must sit on a swing.
Children and adults must keep a safe distance while the swing is in use to avoid getting hit.
Do not walk or run close to swings while in use.


Swing installation
You need a screw that is adapted to the type of ceiling in which swings are going to be installed (wood, brick, or concrete).
Eye Bolt With Lag Screw Plated must be for minimum 400kg or more.
Locate a ceiling beam or a stud for secure installation of the eye screw. Do not install in to drywall!
You may use a stud finder to locate safe placement in the ceiling.
Drill hole in the ceiling, insert the anchor bolt steel in hole drilled. Tighten it firmly!
Then connect the parts as described in the manual attached with the Swing.
Systemically check the tightening of the screws and if all parts have been proper installed before using it.

Enjoy it well, without moderation!

Maximum safe load: 140 kg/300 lbs (Do not exceed)
The manufacturer disclaims any liability due to improper installation and misuse of the material and product provided.
The manufacturer cannot be, under any circumstances, liable for the misuse of equipment causing property damage and/or injury.